Psychedelic Soul
Lanzamiento 26 de Mayo de 2004
Intérprete(s) Scott Matthew
Letra Tim Jensen
Música Yoko Kanno
Arreglos Yoko Kanno
Álbum Ghost in the Shell: Stand Alone Complex O.S.T.2
Duración 04:45
Uso Canción inserta de Ghost in the Shell: Stand Alone Complex 2nd GIG


Psychedelic Soul


Psychedelic Soul

No time
No long good-bye
No time
No answer for the reason why
No Guarantees in life
Save for the end
Which is no big surprise

Time can't be overcome
Time won't wait for anyone
The well is running dry
You know, and so am I
I'm sorry now
And then
Sometimes I didn't even give a damn

So Sorry
Yes, I am
To leave the ones who made me a better man
time doens't understand
'won't let up, it never makes any plans
All stories have to end
"Farewell" to all my friends

Twilight, free my soul
Goodnight... 'time I go
Please don't cry for me
Please don't be sad
I'll be all right,
Jus' my turn, you know
Please don't be mad
It's part of life
I'll wait there for you
'Won't be so bad
We all owe time


Yoko Kanno & Scott Matthew - Psychedelic Soul04:48

Yoko Kanno & Scott Matthew - Psychedelic Soul

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